Allow Me To Walk The Journey With You!

Where Are You In The Process?

Experience The
Transplant Evaluation

I will walk you through the broad strokes of what to expect going into transplant! After personally going through the process not once but twice, I will be honest but give you some pointers on how you can embrace this new journey. After all, your life depends on it!

On The Waitlist,
Now What?!?...

Congratulations! You made it through the gauntlet of testing! Good news, the “fun” has just begun. Let me take you through some different exercises, physical and mental, that helped me pass the time and best prepare for your gift of life!

What Does Life After Transplant Look Like?

One word, GRATITUDE! Although you have received this new lease on life, let’s talk about some extra precautions to protect that new organ! I want to help you achieve your new goals. Thank you all for sharing your stories!

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