I can’t tell you how many times I have been told “you should write a book with everything you’ve been through”. Well, I’m not writing a book but I have decided to start blogging. As I was going through my evaluation for my second lung transplant, I got on the computer and searched for any kind of forum or discussion board regarding lung transplants. The only thing that would populate was blog articles from the different transplant centers throughout the country. It was at that point that my transplant coordinator and I were talking about the idea of starting some sort of resource center for patients to visit and have a normal conversation about stress, anxiety, fear, medication questions, success stories, life after transplant, and others experiences pertaining to life as a transplant patient.

Where did Lungs4Laughter come from? Well, for those who know me know that have always fought adversity with humor and making the best of every situation. After all, crying and complaining doesn’t fix anything just adds your stress to others lives. I have always been an open book with my health growing up and currently today. I started L4L as a Facebook page and one of my good friends bought me the domain, lungs4laughter.org. I wasn’t very good with keeping up with the blogging back then because I was so excited to live life and do the things I had forever dreamed of doing.

Here we are, almost 6 months out, and I have now decided this is what I am going to do to give back to my transplant family and friends. I envision this blog to help connect lung transplant patients all over the world and help them fight through their journey as well. Nobody has it easy and nobody has the same story.

So, let’s get the word out to anyone you may know that is a lung transplant patient, has respiratory issues, any kind of lung disease, or anyone who just wants to read inspirational stories. This is going to be fully interactive and more of a discussion board. I will do my best to engage with every one of you as time permits. I am truly excited to be here and share my life with all of you!

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